Bathroom with mosaic tiles

update: 8/14/2012 6:44:57 AM


Mosaic gives a familiar feel.Mosts give a refreshing fashion sense, of course, some of the mosaic pattern look uncomfortable.Bathroom with mosaic tiles often come with friction, with non-slip functionality. Some bathroom are placed in two steps to consider the steps of mosaic tiles.Black and white is the classic fashion with. This is a mosaic is the use of black and white plaid with a box above carved a fine pattern, doing fine and elegant, so expensive.

The special effects of the wood texture tiles are certain viewing angle "jump" out with the wood material on the white bathroom cabinet, look clean andEasy. Just the right accessories, as well as the use of light and shadow to create a natural leisure bathroom atmosphere.It should select the low water absorption of floor tiles in the bathroom, this tile is not only easy to clean, will not be deformed because of excessive expansion. Determine the tile water absorption can be used this way, drop a drop of water in the back of the sample tiles to observe water will be quickly absorbed. Does not absorb or very slow water absorption tile water absorption is relatively low


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